How do I find the right part?

At MyRetroAppliance, we understand the importance of finding the part that will be a perfect fit for your appliance.

To ensure a seamless experience, please follow these detailed guidelines:

1. Select Your Brand Below:
- iio
- Caloric

2. Identify your appliance's model (if you're unsure, refer to the photos in the Documentation tab or reach out to our support team for assistance).

3. Explore Exploded Diagrams and Parts Lists
- Within the Documentation tab, you will find two sections:

Exploded Diagrams: Visual breakdowns of your appliance's components.
Parts Lists: Detailed lists of available parts for your model

4. Click on your appliance model under both the Exploded Diagrams and Parts Lists sections to proceed.

5. Access Detailed PDF Documents
- Two PDF documents will open in new tabs after selecting your model.
- These documents contain detailed exploded diagrams and parts lists for your appliance model.

6. Identify the Part Number
- Begin by examining the exploded diagram to locate the drawing number associated with the component you need. These drawing numbers are indicated next to each component within the diagram.
- Next, refer to the corresponding parts list and locate the drawing number you found in the exploded diagram. Each drawing number in the parts list will be associated with a specific part number, making it easier for you to identify the exact component you require.
- Note down the part number associated with your desired component for easy reference when searching on our website.

7. Search for Your Part
- Return to our website and enter the part number into the search bar.
- Hit enter to find the listing for your desired part.

8. Need Assistance? Contact Us
- If you have any questions or encounter any issues, our support team is ready to help.
- Reach out to us at, and we'll provide the assistance you need.

At MyRetroAppliance, our mission is to provide you with a seamless experience in finding the perfect part for your appliance. With our user-friendly diagrams and dedicated support team, you can navigate through our extensive selection with confidence.

Thank you for choosing MyRetroAppliance for your appliance needs. We look forward to serving you.